What Is In House For You?​

How Does The Programme Work?

With all the experience of being with the students, we have understood that students will learn and understand better only when we teach them through the experiential way. Our Way of teaching has 3 phases i.e, Learn, Build and Launch where students learn the theory behind the topics we teach, build the models and Test them by launching.


  • Global Exposure to Space Science 
  • Definition of Space and Branches of Space 
  • Updates about the Latest Space Technology
  • Prepare for Space Revolution 
  • Technical Guidance for future projects
  • Career Guidance in Aerospace Domain
  • Competitive Skills, Team Management, and Leadership skills 
  • Participation Certificate for the students

Learn - BUILD - Launch

The course is designed by SSERD team in such a way that students learn the fundamentals of theory in the first phase, and making models in the second. Students get an idea of designing, modelling and executing projects. In the final phase, students test the models they have made and verify if they are giving the results as expected. If not, they rework on the ideas and start all over again. Thus, the Learn-Build-Launch method is integral to all lessons taught by SSERD.

Topics covered On Previous Camps

Aero Modelling

Learn about airplane and how they work,and students get to build their own models too!


Learn-Build-Launch your own model rockets! Its Just Rocket science!

Life of Astronauts

Ever wondered what its to be like to be an astronaut? Learn from the real life astronauts! Students will get a chance to interact with a real life astronaut!


Explore the cosmic space and learn about astronomy, learn about stars and planets.

Space Business

Want to start a business related to space? In this session students interact with space entrepreneurs and get a first hand idea on how the space start up industry is

Career in Space

Want to work in ISRO or NASA or Private space industry? This is a perfect session for building your careers in space industry.


Ever thought how satellites work in space! Travelling 100s of kilometers above our heads and giving us valuable information, Learn how they work and build own model sats!

Space Robotics

Millions of miles away, in mars rovers are exploring the mars! Learn about robots and make own exploration robots!

Telescope making

Having a telescope is a every child's dream! Learn how to make one and use to explore the stars and planets!

Space Medicine

Space medicine is the practice of medicine on astronauts in outer space. Learn about space medicine and the opportunities

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